Sunday, December 11, 2005

Informix adapter for Ruby on Rails

Like many others recently, I've been touched by Ruby on Rails (RoR). It's indeed a nice framework to work with. I would talk about the beauty in its ORM implementation (ActiveRecord) or Ruby's dynamic nature that made Rails possible, but others have made it already, and way better than I can.

Rails can talk to many DBMS, but unfortunately not for the DBMS I have to use at work: Informix. Ok, it wasn't that bad actually: obstacles are opportunities. And this obstacle gave me the chance to write my first Rails adapter and at the same time gave Rails a chance to be ok'ed by the PHB.

The Informix adapter is usable already, but lacking a pair of features. I've made test applications without any problems whatsoever. Anyways, I will publish it when it is 100% ready. Testers are welcome!

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Fabio Akita, PMP said...

Hi, it's really nice that you did the heavy lifting of creating this adapter. There is a possible client of mine that could use some Rails. But they have several Informix domains spread out in half a dozen machines. They've got the intermix tables from different domains in a single transaction. Rails doesn't support distributed transactions. Do you know if I can rely in some configuration between the Informix databases to handle this transactions stuff transparently from Rails?

Please, e-mail me:

Thanks a lot.